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網絡速度慢 ......

網絡速度慢 ...... 令我與家人很困擾!這不是一般的慢,是非常慢!看電視、它不停地loading!

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My internet very slow, 5kb. Couldn't watch movie, phone line not clear, too noisy. The Internet cable need to fix.
(4.15 MB)

@Carolyn Liew. I have checked your account for you. your internet plan is Cable 25M/2M , but your 15days is 160GB up, per our analysis, you can upgrade your internet speed, issue will be resolved. please review the speed and usage    # 6) 

@ W2692000 your internet speed is cable 30M/10M, your 15 days usage is 260 up. please review    # 6) 

Please reduce the usage or contact us to upgrade your service plan.

Internet is unlimited usage, but too heavy usage can cause network traffic and  will result in slow speed or unstable.

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