If you want to upgrade your current single service to the 2in1 or the 3in1 bundle service, you can contact our Customer Service Department for plan changes.

If you signed up for single service is still within thirty (30) days of your activation date, and you wish to upgrade to a bundle service, you would need to pay the bundle service price, less than the single service payment you previously paid. Any promotion discount included in the single service will be charged back.

If you signed up for single service more than thirty (30) days after your activation date, you would need to pay:

  • $69.95 processing fee for the internet service, or $9.95 processing fee for adding Home Phone service or TV service;
  • The annual payment for the plan or pay monthly rental fee for the hardware or just purchase additional equipment;
  • Existing single service equipment will not be refunded or replaced;
  • Single service promotion discount will not be charged back