If CIK tech support decides a CIK field support technician must be sent to have the issue fixed, it will be free of charge. However if CIK tech identifies the issue to be related to customer router, computer, or cable not connected properly to the equipment or other issues not related to CIK, a service charge 90$ will be applied to cover the dispatch cost.Does my hardware from CIK have any warranty?
  • All of hardware provided by CIK to use CIK service are under our life time warranty, i.e as long as Customer keeps using CIK service, if these hardware broken under normal usage, we will replace it free of charge.
  • This doesn’t apply to the following:
  • Physical damage such due to water, fire, force etc.
  • Improper usage such as using 220V voltage or wrong power adaptor;

Accessories lost or broken such as remote controller, USB dongle, cable etc