If you are new customer and today is your activation day, please keep modem connected and wait till midnight of today before reporting to our 24/7 Tech Support.If your service was up and running and stops working today, please power off/on your modem and router to see if can internet backs or not. You might wait for half day before contacting our 24/7 Support via phone, online chat or Email. You can also login to my CIK to open a ticket if you can access internet from another place.Please collect the following information before you contact our tech support

  • When did your internet stop working?
  • Did you connect your computer to modem directly and reboot modem and see if working?
  • If you are using windows computer, please click start – run – cmd – ipconfig /all
  • Is there anything you notice outside your home or in-site your home such as a technician did something outside, power failure, decoration, install new service etc)
  • What are status of lights on your modem?
  • What are the S/N and MAC of your modem?
  • What is your contact cell phone and best available time.

We will try to get issue fixed or have solution around 48 hours. Please always obtain a trouble ticket number if your issue is not fixed right away when you are calling to our tech support.