1.If you did not make any change, and change the connection behind the modem, probably the device behind the modem cannot get the IP from the Modem. Please power-cycle the modem for 1-3 times, at least 5 Mins a time, it will resolve most issue. Similar cause with No.1 question, you need reboot so the server can recognize the device.

2.If only you can not connect your wifi, please set up your wifi device. If it’s your own wifi device, we cannot help on operation, please follow the instruction manual or call router support.

3.If your pc is connected to the router with wire, but get no internet. Please connect your pc to the modem directly (disable wifi), power-cycle modem for at least 5 mins. Still cannot get the internet, then please check the IP address on the pc: Press “win+R” to popup the “run”, type “cmd” then Enter. (If it’s Win 7 OS, Click “Start”, type the “cmd” in the bottom search bar then press “Enter” )

4.Type “ipconfig” in the command (black windows)

Notice your “Local area connection” IP address

“169.254.***”, please reboot your modem for at least 5 mins, if it’s still 169 after turning on again, call CIK support

“10.***.***.***”, modem need activation, please call CIK tech support“192.168.***.***” pc is still connected to router, please confirm the connection then reboot pc