1. Please try wired connection (modem-pc directly) and check, if it’s stable with wired connection, it’s not CIK issue, please check your Wifi router or Wifi signal (ex. If the wifi strength is too low; try changing the WIFI channel between 1, 6, 11; put the router away from other electronic appliance; distance or wall affect the strength). If with direct wired connection it’s still unstable, please notice the lights pattern on the modem. If the US (or Send, Cable Link) is off, it means something wrong with sync

2. Remove the coaxial cable from the modem and Cable outlet, derust and clear the cable cap and pin.

3. Check if there is any splitter between the modem and splitter, in other floor, basement, please remove the splitter and try.

4. Do not loop the cable

5. Try other cable outlet in your house6. Call CIK tech support, check the signal