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poor internet

I've been a customer for quite a few years... it seems that every few months I get throttled... I have the 40Mbps and every time I  do a speed test late at night or early in the morning I get about 41Mbps and then at 6PM.. it goes turtle speed.. til about 11PM it's terrible... I have Cik IPTV and its UN-watchable cuz it constantly freezes.. but during the day it runs without issues.


Dear Adam,

I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience you have reported. First of all, I would like to explain you that we do not throttle speed anytime or for that matter implement any ITMP policies. In this case we would need to check for you whether the issue is related to Heavy usage or any line issue. For today usage, we need to check tomorrow. You can also check online from by login to your account, do you have any slow speed before Jan 9th ? Another possible issue is recently due to cold weather, general internet speed is slower than day time, but customers should not feel much difference.


When you have speed issue, could you Pls follow the following instruction to test the speed:

1)           Connect a computer to modem directly using wired cable (you need to reboot the modem when doing so);

2)           Stop all downloading/uploading/P2P/Video/cloud disk/Windowsupdate etc;

3)           Test speed from and select a CIK Telecom

I would like to explain a little bit more as we are trying to explain to our customer for years regarding the speed and bandwidth, because the demand of internet is becoming more and more important. First of all, we do not slow down any of our customer’s internet. The bandwidth is what your plan speed, for example if yours is 30M. If this 30M is fully occupied, for example by downloading a lot or watching HD movies, all the devices which is under your internet will get slow, as there is a huge data traffic. This is the same logic as we are experiencing extremely slow in HWY 401 or DVP during rush hour, because there are so many traffic. The only way to solve the issue, is we either expand the lanes of the HWY or reduce the traffic during that time. Otherwise, we have to choose a different time to use the HWY. Another conventional example would be of a water pipe, water can come out of the pipe indefinitely (assume its from the sea :) ), but the pressure of the water depends on the diameter or the thickness of the pipe right...isn't it.

Many of customers asking the same question, why my speed was fine no issue for many issues. Because of technology development especially video, back to 2 years ago, you can watch a Video with 5M speed but today you can only watch 1 1080P video with 30M, many applications like Netflix, Youtube, they adjust the codec based on the maximum speed. 

Your issue may need a specific investigation so please contact our support that is available 24/7 to check and analyze.

OK, thanks for the reply and the explanation... I am quite aware how traffic can affect the speed which is why I started this post... in the month of Dec I had heavy usage, we bought our son a PS4 so he was downloading and updating his games and one day used 106G per and YET we had no problems watching two IPTV streams that day.. now in January we're back to our normal (10-20G per day) and we cant even watch one stream (only between 6-12)... to me it seems strange that my internet slows down AFTER heavy use in the previous month... 

Now, I would have accepted your explanation and now even replied, BUT I received a call from the Tech department and the first thing he said...

1. that my internet is slow cuz past 30days I had heavy usage!! (836G) << why slow now??

2. I was told that I should be only using 400G per month << unlimited but there's a limit???

3. if I keep using more that I should think of upgrade << Im quite happy with 40Mbps for the most part even during heavier usage... my only issue seems to arise the following month?!?!

oh.. you say Cik does NOT use any ITMP???

but in the terms and agreement it states....

" CIK implements Internet Traffic Management (ITMP) from time to time but it would not affect majority of customers’ normal download and upload activities. "

AGAIN, I dont really care if you do use it moderately but cutting 90% of my speed just seems a little ridiculous.  


High Speed DSL Contract: 15/10 - Montreal Quebec.

Throttling uploads from cik telecom!

If anyone else thinks there also being throttled please come and register to file your complaint!

Dear  Mark:


Higher  Ping usually is due to congestion at customer side, especially when you have  huge downloading and uploading. This can be proved by connecting one computer  to the modem directly and stop all of other devices and download, you can see  the ping time is normal.


Your  issue of upload speed is related to the physical wiring condition is bad, which  we have sent another type of modem to see if can get lower utilization ratio  then we can adjust upload speed. But in general 15M is very low speed right now  as majority of our customers are using 50M now.


Right  now we are targeting to see if can improve your upload speed but I would  suggest you consider 60M cable due to now customers are watching more and more  video, 15M is not enough at all and it will cause high ping time when your  usage (Most download not upload).


You  can wait our new device to see if improving your upload or not but I doubt it  will solve any congestion due to download speed issue.


Thank  you for using CIK and have a great day. 



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