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Horrendous Speed Degradation on a 50/7.5 Megabit-per-Second Residential Link

Our household on 38 Vange Cres in Etobicoke has over the past 48 hrs  noticed a huge drop in the level of service i.e. Download Speeds right after 6pm EST.
From 50MB/s upload drops to less then 2MB/s with a SINGLE device connected to CIK's proprietary cable modem via both ethernet or wireless link ..
This level of degradation is unacceptable and needs to be addressed immediately.
Please respond ASAP with clear advice what steps CIK support will take to remedy this.

Hi Mandeep,

Please accept our apologies for the same. We have made some changes and request you monitor the same.

Upon detailed checking your account, this is something would like to inform that your usage very often is exceeding the maximum a line of upto 50M can support.

You can check logging into your CIK online account or MY CIK App:

Here is our recommendation that is based on well-researched industry standard for speed vs usage Click on below link and check faq number 6 -

You can compare it for your reference. You can see some very high usage multiple days and that would explain why those days you would have felt Internet slow.

While we would not like to sound as pushing you to upgrade but it is suggested for better. We would suggest you to go for at least upto 300M Internet with modem replacement and one-time upgrade fees Free, as a long-time customer or request you to cut down the usage.

I would like to inform you that our aim is not to force you to switch to cable services with high speed plan but it was a suggested measure to switch to another technology in order resolve your issue.

Let me explain you how it works with speed vs usage with an example, Our Internet is indeed Unlimited but then there is a limit a line can handle on a specific speed.

Even if the flow of water is Unlimited, how much water can actually pass through at a given point of time, actually depends upon the diameter of the pipe which define its water carrying capacity.

We cannot use a water pipe of 10 cm diameter to provide tons of water in a short time, even though it is unlimited.

So to increase the flow of water we need to increase the diameter of water pipe to get more water at the same time.

Hope the above example helps to understand our point of view

Same issue again today - at  7:30pm download speed reduced to 2mb/s upload less than 1mb/s.

This is just unacceptable!

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